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Relocation For Startup Employees

A Modern Immigration Solution For Modern Companies

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If you're scaling your team by hiring foreign talent and seeking to optimize the relocation process, you've come to the right place. We offer a plug-and-play relocation service that your HR team wishes they had.

What We Do

We Alleviate HR Problems

We reduce employee relocation timelines and costs

Compliance with visa and registration requirements

We address residency, housing and logistics needs

All in a single platform designed to simplify the relocation process for all parties involved, topped with unparalleled commitment by our specialists to serve your business needs.

Our Streamlined Process

New hire!

Simply send us the new hire’s contact info


We invite the new hire to their dashboard and compile all relevant documentation


We do background and eligibility checks, schedule appointments and arrange health insurance

On their way!

We make sure your employee arrives on time with everything they need to hit the ground running


We help them settle in, registered, with peace of mind so that they can focus on their company integration instead

Need Your Hires to Start Right Away?

As part of our 'Fast Track' program, you can have your new hire start working right away while we get the ball rolling with the relocation process, requiring no additional work on your part.

Learn more about our Fast Track program by booking a Discovery Call. Book one here.

Our Packages


  • Eligibility Check

  • Visa Support

  • Residency support

  • Help with insurance

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  • Eligibility Check

  • Visa Support

  • Residency support

  • Help with insurance

  • Family/ Spouse Support

  • Help with accommodation

  • Help with travel

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  • Visas

  • Residency

  • Cultural and language integration support

  • Spousal and family

  • Home Search

  • Logistics

  • School Search

  • Drivers license

  • Set up bank accounts

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Custom package pricing will be determined on the discovery call. Book one here.

Our Platform

Gain free access to an incomparable proprietary platform that streamlines the relocation process from end to end. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your business to set up your future employees for success.


  • Visibility into relocation progress

  • Manage employees from a single interface

  • Easy Communication & collaboration

  • Automate tedious tasks


  • Complexity simplified to remove stress and anxiety

  • Never miss important events

  • Questions answered at the push of a button at home or on the go

  • Friendly reminders even after arrival 

  • Easy-to-understand content for becoming a happy expat 

Access Your Data In The Office Or On-The-Go


Book a free introductory call to learn more about how our platform streamlines relocation.

How We’re Helping Startups Scale their Teams

Van Asten Group

Van Asten Group is a leading international family business in pig farming that serves the Dutch and German markets.

Ask Carl recently relocated 12 employees from across the globe without a single hassle, some of whom have family members, pets, and relatives that joined them. Our rinse-and-repeat strategy has proven to take the burden away from HR.

Ian Greyvensteyn


Johann Schuster


Why Ask Carl

  • Deep knowledge and experience with immigration across the globe

  • Knowledge of the housing market and economic landscape

  • We are all expatriates! We can provide guidance on literally anything expat-related

  • We’re prompt, committed and we care

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What people are saying about us

Olivia Howarth 🇿🇦


"Extremely helpful and wonderful service. For a process that felt overwhelming, they made it simple and removed the stress during the process. I highly recommend Ask Carl."

Olivia Howarth 🇿🇦

Francine Godoy 🇳🇱

Human Resources at Van Asten Group - Netherlands + Germany

"Ian and his team helped us bring 7 employees across to Germany without any hassle. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a hands on and stress-free process."

Francine Godoy 🇳🇱

James Pain 🇿🇦


"We are grateful for all the help, advice and guidance received with our national visa for Germany. Friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable group of experts."

James Pain 🇿🇦

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, when hiring a new employ from abroad, HR would simply forward / upload the work contract and details of the new potential hire to the platform and we would take it from there. We try to limit HR’s role in the immigration process as little as possible and only reach out when absolutely necessary.

Depending on the country of origin, it can be as quick as a few weeks but also take a few months. Our specialist assigned to your company will provide insights and advise on timing in the event that you have potential candidates to hire. i.e. If you are considering two candidates, one from Egypt and the other, India, our specialist would advise on which case would be faster depending on their local embassy.

HR is able to log into their own company dashboard at any time to view visa cases and progress. We take care in making sure every single task is up to date and clear to understand. HR can simply export reports when needed.

Yes, in certain cases, a nominal fee is paid to government authorities in what is called a ‘Fast Track Procedure’ and normally costs around €411.

Yes we do.

We handle all visa-related tasks from paperwork to appointment scheduling however, we do not arrange physical transport and logistics. We do however work closely with partners that do.

Yes we do. As soon as an employee changes job role, or a considerable change to their salary, we normally review their status in the event that they may require a permit change.

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