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Ask Carl is a modern, easy-to-understand platform for expats and globetrotters, reducing the cost and complexities of immigration, relocation, residency and more.

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Planning or have started the process of moving to Germany.

Need guidance on residency matters, finances, insurance, and more.

Looking to work or study in Germany, or changing jobs.

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If you have any specific immigration, relocation or residency questions that you cannot find the answers to, book a consultation with our top specialist. We use this time to learn about your requirements and how to best achieve them. After the call, we will provide steps to follow to guide you on your way.

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Csilla is a multilingual lawyer with extensive expertise in various fields of law.

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    Our Personalized Immigration Consultation Session offers expert advice and guidance from experienced immigration specialists

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    Blue Card, General Employment Visa, IT Specialist, Specialist, etc

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    To be able to apply for an employment visa, your qualifications/educational background needs to be recognized and approved

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    Marriage, Joining Spouse, Joining Parent, etc

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    Student Visa, Student Internship, Language Course, etc

    Visa or Permit Change


    Study to Work, Jobseeker to Work Visa, Employment Visa to Blue Card, IT Specialist to General Work Visa

    Visa or Permit Extension


    Residence permits are usually issued for a set amount of time

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What people are saying about us

Olivia Howarth πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦


"Extremely helpful and wonderful service. For a process that felt overwhelming, they made it simple and removed the stress during the process. I highly recommend Ask Carl."

Olivia Howarth πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Francine Godoy πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

Human Resources at Van Asten Group - Netherlands + Germany

"Ian and his team helped us bring 7 employees across to Germany without any hassle. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a hands on and stress-free process."

Francine Godoy πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

James Pain πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦


"We are grateful for all the help, advice and guidance received with our national visa for Germany. Friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable group of experts."

James Pain πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Ask Carl was created for immigrants, by immigrants.

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Long time friends, Johann and Ian, despite living on different continents, discovered that we shared common challenges: exorbitant legal fees, stress and extensive time spent gathering information.

Our mission is to help individuals achieve their immigration goals through efficient and cost-effective methods. Combining our experience with innovative software to streamline the entire process, we hope to find the simplest and quickest way to a successful transition.

Photo of Ian and Johann as kids

β€œWe believe everyone should have the opportunity to understand immigration laws and the opportunity to achieve their immigration goals.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Navigating health insurance in Germany can be confusing and we certainly want to make sure you choose the best option based on your age, income, needs, family, status, etc. Not only short term but long term too. This is included in the free onboarding call.

Our introduction call is for free. We take this time to learn about your needs and try our best to empower you to continue your journey from there onwards. In many cases, it can be overwhelming and complex and if you, the customer, prefers that we guide you and take over each process, this is paid for. Our rates are extremely competitve as we believe that cost alone shouldn't be the biggest barrier in moving to another country.

The onboarding call is a free intorduction call to figure out which route or steps you need to take going forward. We normally offer a brief roadmap with steps to follow however, some cases are more complex and that is when we get a specialist to either spend 30 minutes on a call with you or if you prefer, take over the entire visa or residency case. You have complete control over the process and and we are extremely transparent with any service we may charge for way upfront.

Yes of course. Most visas and processes can be done by yourself however in certain cases, we advise getting one of our specialists involved, even if it is to clarify one or two things.

It is difficult to estimate how much time will pass before the visa is issued. A number of factors are relevant here. The first step in applying for a work visa is to make an appointment at the relevant German embassy. Some embassies have appointments as early as four weeks, while others can take much longer. All documents submitted to the relevant German embassy are sent to the Federal Employment Agency for approval. There they are closely examined. The focus is on the job description, the employment contract (if available), training certificates, the curriculum vitae and previous work experience. Based on the data, the agency checks its database to determine whether it is necessary to fill a position with a foreign candidate or whether someone in Germany with the same qualifications is seeking employment. If no suitable domestic candidate is available, the clearance is sent to the relevant German embassy. Typically, the process takes two weeks. A prior application for work permit approval in Germany, will be sent to you by express courier and thus the process can be expedited. Once the German Embassy has received the confirmation, the applicant will be notified. The consulate, or embassy is the highest authority and decides whether or not to issue a visa. After that a date for the application of the visa will be given.

Yes, a visa for employment is mandatory for taking up a job in Germany and enables you to start working immediately.

A visa is valid for entry into Germany. Its application is made at the embassy or consulate abroad. A visa can be valid for up to 12 months and allows e.g. immediate work or study and is purpose-bound. A residence permit is applied for a longer stay and specific purpose of stay in Germany. With a settlement permit, the purpose of stay is cancelled. The residence permit is applied for at the specific foreigners authority in Germany.

Yes absolutely. We submit your qualifications to the Federal Agency for Employment. This can takes between a few days up to 2/3 weeks depending on how busy the authorities are. You can find pricing on our site for this service.

We oversee the process and help with any relevant questions that arise pertaining to visa start dates, when you are allowed to travel, etc. We have a network of third party providers such as logistics companies, shipping companies and travel agents that assist with processes.

We can essentially help with any visa and residency-related tasks and advice. If we don't offer the service in-house, we pass you on to thrid party providers, however we keep a close eye on your progress as time goes by and we are always available to answer tricky questions if you run into a roadblock.

For all direct services our site allows various payment methods, mainly credit card. If you would prefer to pay for a visa case via bank transfer, we accept this too.

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